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Auckland’s Lumbley

Auckland's Lumbley  by Harry Wynn
Auckland’s Lumbley , a photo by Harry Wynn on Flickr.

This is a great image and you can just see my old Penthouse between the buildings.

I remember the first time the mother inlaw looked out across the harbor and said….you can’t help but feel a million dollars living here.

Of course since it cost closer to two million dollars you would hope it would give you that sense and certainly depending on which one of the 360 views you looked out to it made a lot of difference.

Of course a two million dollar Penthouse is nothing compared to the home my friend Kenyon Clarke likes….I would estimate that a home similar to what he showed me is his perfect home would cost 35 to 40 million pounds…I’m guessing.

At the end of the day though, million dollar homes and Penthouses does not mean you have Rich Mastery, after all in the example above what I thought was great was a holiday shack for someone else.

The key to Rich Mastery is identifying what you want from life and then doing what needs to be done to get it.

That’s a simple formula but most people don’t actually know how to determine what it is that they actually want.

I can help with that though, I have some simple exercises that will help you take the first step to Rich Mastery.