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Dream It

“ Our bravest and best lessons are not learned through success, but through misadventure. ”— Amos Bronson Alcott

Remember that one glorious night not too long ago when you were pumped full of champagne and big ideas? (I remember it, I was with Real Estate Developer Kenyon Clarke)

You promised yourself that this would be the year you accomplish , and you resolved to make it happen. And then you shouted something inaudible above the crowd to your friends, kissed a random stranger and then danced the night away. Yep, that night.

It’s now time for a pulse check. How are you doing on ? Have you accomplished it? Are you at least on your way to accomplishing it? The year is truly underway so don’t let anothe day go by without doing something that leads you towards achieving that goal, it might be something small like dropping us a line and asking how we can help you achieve that goal.