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Where do Aucklanders buy first homes?

Did you get in and make a fortune from this information before it hit the media?

If not why not? The information was readily available and there are plenty of people who did make a fortune from this.

What’s next? Overlay a similar info graphic of where people work and you will see a major mismatch. What does that mean? It means that eventually people will move to where they work which means subsequent purchases will be in and around those areas where there is a lot of work, this will also mean that for some people inner city apartments will become a viable option.


First-home buyers in Auckland are flocking to the west, where there are more new buyers than anywhere else in the country, latest data shows.The analysis by PropertyIQ is the first to look at first-home buyer numbers since new bank lending restrictions were introduced on October 1.The research company looked at every property transaction over the last 10 years to determine whether sales were to first-home buyers, movers or property investors.It found 20 per cent of national sales of houses, flats and apartments since the start of 2012 were to first-home buyers.

via Property Truth | Where do Aucklanders buy first homes?.